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Some common myths & questions...

Here are some typical statements and questions I hear regularly.

“Always go for the cheapest instructor”

The cheapest is not necessarily the best option. Remember, you get what you pay for. My prices are competitive because I know that it is not cheap to learn to drive! With Choices, you will also receive excellent value for money.


Many driving schools offer lessons at absurdly low prices, often with conditions attached. Ask yourself, "Why are they so cheap and what (if any) conditions apply?".


“My mate passed after 20 lessons. How come I’ve had 25 lessons, but not put in for my test yet?”

The DVSA recommends 45 hours of professional tuition, plus 20 hours of private practice. However, everyone learns at a different pace. Some people (although they are few & far between) can reach test standard in 20 hours. Your training record will chart your progress and I will advise when you are ready for your test.


Many pupils think they are ready for their test when they are not. A ‘mock’ driving test can help put things into perspective.


“The Theory test is easy”

Any test is easy when you know the answers! However, if you practice for the theory test using recommended learning aids, it should be straight-forward. I am happy to advise you on how best to go about passing your Theory test first time.


“Driving Test Examiners are only allowed to pass so many people in a week”

This is possibly the most heard of all myths surrounding examiners and is totally false. If you are good enough, you will pass. If you have heard this or similar stories, speak to me and I will set the record straight!


"You should take your test early in the morning because then you spend most of the time stuck in traffic"

All driving tests follow specified routes (which may change if the examiner deems it necessary). To pass your test, the route must be completed, even if it takes a bit longer due to traffic levels, roadworks, etc. Statistically, there is not a better or worse time of the day to take your driving test.


"Which car do I take my practical test in?"

You would ordinarily take your test in the car that you learnt to drive in. However, you can take the test in any car providing it meets the requirements as stated when you book your test. The Driving Test Centre does not supply cars for people to take their test in.


"Everyone says don't get so-and-so as your examiner because they will fail you"

All examiners are monitored in respect to their performance and number of test passes in relation to the number of tests that they observe. Any large variation compared to their colleagues' performance would be challenged. My experience suggests that those candidates who fail their test need someone to blame. I regularly sit in on tests and have never disagreed with the result, regardless of the examiner.


"Can my mum or dad sit in on my practical test?"

You are permitted to have an observer sit in the back of the car during the test and your examiner will ask you if you want anyone to accompany you. This would ordinarily be your driving instructor, but it can be anyone. This person is just there to watch you drive, usually sists behind the driver and is not allowed to speak or take part in any part of the test, although assistance in opening & closing the bonnet is permitted if necessary.

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