Choices Driving School "Getting You On The Road"
   Choices Driving School"Getting You On The Road"


Standard lessons are £36 per hour.


You have the option to block-book 10 lessons for £340 and this offer may be taken up as many times as you wish. 


Pass Plus courses are £200.


Motorway lessons are at the standard rate unless taken in the pupil's own car, in which case they are £30 per hour. (Note: As of 4th June 2018, learner drivers are permitted on motorways only if they are accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor and are in a car fitted with dual controls.)


Want to take an intensive course? These are subject to my availability, so speak to me about your requirements to see if I can help.


Gift vouchers are available from £36 and make a great gift!


Lesson lengths are offered at 1, 1.5 or 2 hours. A single 1.5 hour lesson is as productive as 2 separate 1 hour lessons, which means that the pupil will learn faster for less cost. 


In addition to paid lessons, pupils are fully encouraged to take up private practice if possible. This will be discussed with you when you are considered to be competent enough.


Price guarantee!! The price of a standard lesson will not increase while you are learning providing there is not a gap of more than 3 calendar months between lessons.

Still have a query? Please contact me - I am happy to answer any questions.

Our address:

Choices Driving School

121 Station Road

Broughton Astley LE9 6PU


Call or text: 07914 408739


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